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The Unresolved National Question: Left Thought under Apartheid

Editors: Edward Webster and Karin Pampalis

The Unresolved National Question in South Africa is an extremely valuable contribution to the decades-long debate on South African nationhood. The editors hope that by revisiting the debates not popularly known among the scholarly mainstream, this volume will become a catalyst for an enriched debate on our identity and our future.

A Life Too Short

Despite some shortcomings, the latest offering from Jonathan ball publishing stable, a biography of famed ANC and South African Communist party warrior-scholar Chris Hani is an important piece of work. Gently narrated by Janet Smith and Beauregard Tromp, it is significant contribution to understanding arguably one of the most celebrated leaders to have come out of that broad and disparate church called the ANC.

London Recruits

After the brutal South African security police repression of 1963/66 that decimated the black and white internal political opposition to apartheid, with most of the liberation leaders being jailed, exiled or forced so far underground as to be unable to operate, especially after the loss of the means of being able to print and distribute leaflets and literature, there mysteriously appeared signs that the outlawed ANC (African National Congress) was still in business. The London Recruits had began their campaign.

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“To understand the South African road to socialism, it is crucial to understand the history that shaped and distorted our country… we have to understand the powerful legacy of popular struggles that have been constantly waged against oppression and exploitation”(SARS, 2007)
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