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The CHI’s dream is to provide a platform and a centre for alternatives to neoliberalism

Ultimately the CHI aims to become an open university for the working class targeting Party cadres, trade unionists, workers, students and progressive intellectuals.
Our programmes

Worker Education Research Multi-Year Programme

In pursuit of its overall aims, the CHI collaborates with academic institutions, trade union education units and other progressive service organisations. Our research programmes include an Anchor Project on worker education and worker control, tracing studies on worker education and household livelihoods, collective bargaining, skills development and job grading. The programme also undertakes  research capacity development through internships.
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Our Programmes
Institutions, Governance and Funding of Workers Education
This is a qualitative survey that employs semi-structured interviews with stakeholders to investigate the interplay between institutions, governance and funding of worker education.  
The Anchor Project
The anchor project is the main research project undertaken to examine the articulation of worker education to worker struggles and worker control.This survey project consists of three research processes: A baseline survey among shop stewards, A quantitative survey on workers in five sectors; i.e. auto manufacturing, mining (coal), clothing and textile, public sector and teachers.
Worker Education and Household Livelihood
This research project is a tracing son the possible impact of worker education to workers and their household livelihoods. The study commences with a survey of workers enrolled in worker education programmes offered by Labour Service Organisations (LSOs).
Worker Education and Collective Bargaining
This is a qualitative survey that employs semi-structured interviews with stakeholders in bargaining councils of the five sectors sampled in the project. The research investigates how skills development has been (and is being) used as demand in sectoral bargaining negotiations and agreements.  
Skills Development, Job Grading and Work Organisation
This survey aims to interrogate the relationship between skills development, job grading systems and work organisation (with looming focus on the 4th industrial revolution).
Chris Hani Brigade Programme
The Chris Hani Brigade (CHB) is a programme for developing and training a cadre of trade union and worker activists. The programme is borne of vanguard role of the South African Communist Party, in collaboration with COSATU to educate and train trade union shop stewards and activists to become effective working-class activists in the workplace and in their communities.
Be part of the Revolution
“To understand the South African road to socialism, it is crucial to understand the history that shaped and distorted our country… we have to understand the powerful legacy of popular struggles that have been constantly waged against oppression and exploitation”(SARS, 2007)
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