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~ Chris Hani

“ What I fear is that liberators emerge as elitist… who drive around in Mercedes Benz, and use the resources of this country to live in palaces and gather riches ”


Who we are

Chris Hani Institute is a left-wing think tank launched in 2003 by the SACP and COSATU to provide education and training for the selected youth, stewards, and officials. The Institute was established to engage in the battle of ideas and to develop alternatives to neo-liberalism, and to deepen the links between progressive intellectuals in our universities and inside the democratic movement.

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How we work

The CHI establishes linkages with academic Institutions to engage in the exchange and battle of ideas in the intellectual and academic space through research, publications and  research capacity development  through MA and PhD research internships. The Institute also does worker education and public engagements through seminars, workshops and conferences.

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“To understand the South African road to socialism, it is crucial to understand the history that shaped and distorted our country… we have to understand the powerful legacy of popular struggles that have been constantly waged against oppression and exploitation”(SARS, 2007)
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