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Dr Sithembiso Bhengu
Sithembiso Bhengu is Director at Chris Hani Institute. He holds a PhD in Industrial Sociology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). His PhD awards include the National Research Fund (NRF) PhD Grant, UKZN Competitive Grant and DAAD PhD Grant.
Musawenkosi Malabela
Musawenkosi Malabela holds an Honours degree in Industrial Sociology and a Master’s degree in Political Sociology, both from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Industrial Sociology focusing on internal democracy and the crisis of trade union representation.
Aisha Lorgat
Aisha Lorgat is a Researcher and current PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town. She has extensive research experience working on and coordinating research projects in various fields of interest, including Industrial and Economic Policy and Humanities.
Gadi Malatsi
Publications Manager
Gadi Malatsi is Chris Hani institute's Editor. She holds a BA, BA Hons (English) UNIN). Some of her interests include: academic publishing, corporate publishing, lifestyle publishing, documentary production, blogging, photography.
Priscilla Magau-Mazibuko
Office Administrator
Priscilla Magau-Mazibuko is an Office Administrator at Chris Hani Institute. She holds a Diploma in Office Management, Bookkeeping and a Certificate in Human Resources.
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“To understand the South African road to socialism, it is crucial to understand the history that shaped and distorted our country… we have to understand the powerful legacy of popular struggles that have been constantly waged against oppression and exploitation”(SARS, 2007)
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