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CHI Political Economy Webinar Series 2020

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CHI Political Economy Webinar Series 2020

The purpose of these webinars is to analyse the crisis in the South African economy, and to outline progressive alternatives towards the transformation of the economy and societal development that will significantly reduce unemployment, inequality, poverty and social exclusion that a significant number of our people contends with.

Summary of the First Webinar 

The first webinar was held on 11 June 2020 themed, ‘‘Covid-19 – The Crisis before the Crisis’’. The presentation emanated from the SACP position paper on Covid-19 and the response required, which was presented by Dr Rob Davies, convenor of the SACP Social and Economic Working Group. Cde Langa Zita was the discussant. 

The webinar commenced with CHI Researcher, Musawenkosi Malabela welcoming everyone to the webinar, as well as making a brief introduction of the Chris Hani Institute. Next was the CHI Director, Dr Sithembiso Bhengu – who explained in detail the CHI Political-economy Webinar Series, as well as outlining its motivations. In his introductory note Dr Bhengu again stressed that the economic challenges of our time are more structural and necessitate, not only our response to COVID-19 – but rather, how we transform the structure of the economy. Dr Bhengu then introduced cde Rob Davies, SACP CC member and a Political Scientist. He also introduced the discussant, cde Langa Zita.  

Here is the schedule all the webinars planned so far: 

  • Covid-19 and the Crises before the Crisis (presenter – Dr Rob Davies)·
  • Macro-economic Policy: Monetary Policy (presenter – cde Redge Nkosi).
  • Post Covid-19 Economic Restructuring (presenter – Dr David Masondo).
  • Domestic Funds Mobilisation for Investment (presenter – cde Duma Gqubule).
  • Covid-19 and South Africa’s Growth and Development Outlook (presenter – Dr Asghar Adelzadeh).
  • Macro-economic Policy Transformation (presenter – Prof Chris Malikane).

More Webinars

The CHI, in partnership with the SACP PETTT, is planning to hold more seminars on industrial policy responses, social security policy responses, land reform, agrarian question and agro-processing, as well as on the development state, SOEs and development. The podcasts for these webinars can be accessed on the Chris Hani Institute Facebook Page. Stay safe.
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